Arctic Business Incubator AB

Location Luleå


Arctic Business Incubator (ABI) has an advantageous position in Luleå, the hub of North Sweden. ABI is a well-established Business Incubator and uses an on-demand and quality assured incubation process. ABI’s mission is to support any entrepreneur with business advice, business networks, financial networks, mentoring, coaching and training etc, no matter location in the region. ABI has a successful record since the start in 2005 which soon led to a membership within “BIG Sweden”, a group of the most successful incubators in Sweden. “BIG Sweden” is Sweden’s, performance based, national incubation program funded by the government and run by ALMI, a government owned company.

ABI operates in the northernmost parts of Sweden (the counties of Västerbotten and Norrbotten) and has its headoffice in Luleå and offices also in Skellefteå and Kiruna (at Spacecampus in Kiruna with access to Esrange). ABI is well suited to work with an ESA BIC due to the proximity to the space activities in Kiruna and the research performed by LTU, Luleå Technical University. The University of Umeå is also active with campus organisations in Skellefteå and Kiruna, ABI is cooperating with both of these.

Luleå Technical University, LTU, implements most of their space education and research at the space campus in Kiruna, where the Swedish Institute of Space Physics also is located. LTU also runs a research school focused on space, the Graduate School of Space Technology. LTU is a technical university with a variety of research that contributes to the space sector, such as material science, metallurgy, mechanical design, chemical technology, complex system engineering, electronics etc.

Kiruna is known as the Swedish Space City since the late 1950s, with the Swedish Institute of Space Physics, SSC’s Esrange Space Center, EISCAT, LTU and Spaceport Sweden as the core actors. The geographic location that Kiruna can offer together with the combined experience, expertise and service is a well-‐established national asset.

Today 24 incubated companies receive ABI:s services, these companies are physically located to one of the ABI locations and has their origin in 10 cities in 7 municipalities. In summary, a combination of startups mixing physical presence with distance bridging work processes and methods are well established.


Location Luleå

Luleå Science Park and Arctic Business Incubator offers excellent facilities and resources for start-‐up businesses. Seven top modern office buildings and a total space of more than 20 000 square meters, with well-‐equipped meeting rooms and services are offered by the Luleå Science Park. The smallest office space is 10 square meters which can be switched up to a hundred square metres within half a year when a company grows. There are excellent tele-‐ and data communications to every office space. ABI has its locations and head-‐office at the premises of Luleå Science Park. ABI has created a secure and stimulating environment for the start-‐ups, with access to printers, internet and meeting rooms in a stimulating incubation environment. The Luleå location is equipped with video‐conferencing facilities. The ABI Luleå offices are located on the doorsteps of the Luleå University of Technology.