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The ESA Business Incubation Centre (BIC) Sweden opened in December 2015 and is managed by the Arctic Business Incubator (ABI) in the Northern Region, in collaboration with Uppsala Innovation Centre (UIC) in the Capital Region, and Innovatum (IAB) in the Western Region.

With more than 10 years’ experience in business incubation, the ABI has supported more than 100 technology and innovation projects. Together with the collative partners UIC and Innovatum the number of supported technology and innovation projects exceeds 300.

Local partners include the Luleå University of Technology, the Ångström Space Technology Centre at Uppsala University, University West, University of Stockholm, Mälardalens University, the Chalmers University of Technology, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and several institutes and laboratories. Enterprises like Aeroflex Gaisler, APR Tec, Bruhnspace, EISCAT, GKN Aerospace, IRF, IR Nova, OHB Sweden, RUAG Space, Spaceport Sweden, SSC, Umbilical, ÅAC Microtec, and more are also technical partners of ESA BIC Sweden.

Over the first five years, the centres will help 40 Swedish start-up companies to get their businesses going, creating local high-tech jobs. The companies will receive seed funding and be able to tap into additional resources in support.

ESA BIC Sweden centres

There are three ESA BIC Sweden centres, they are located in, Luleå at ABI, in Uppsala at UIC, and in Trollhättan at Innovatum AB.