ESA-BIC Sweden has a Permanent Open Call. This means we are always open for business and you can apply to us. However there are a few fixed dates during the year when we decide who can join and you will find info about these dates under 'events'.

To apply simply do the following:

1. Download the documents below and especially read the Permanent Open Call documents.

2. Complete and send us the Business Application Proposal (BAP) following documents; (i) Cover Letter, (ii) Incubation Proposal and (iii) Business Plan and related appendixes as needed.

3. If you have any questions about anything - just email us at and we will help you!

You will find information on where / how to send us these documents as instructed in the BAP Template Cover Letter. 

Here are the documents and templates for you to download that you will need (or get them all in one zip-file here):

Rd.2 EBS Permanent Open Call 2019-04-11

Business Application Proposal (BAP) templates (Including Cover Letter, Incubation proposal & Business Plan)
Support templates & reference documents to BAP:
Template for Swot, Risk, P&L, Milestone and Funding (optional)
Rd.1 Innovation Readiness Level

Draft contracts:
ESA BIC Sweden Draft Incubation Contract (Section I-III) 
Local Incubator agreements:
ESA BIC Draft Incubator Agreement - Arctic Business Incubator (Section IV A)
ESA BIC Draft Incubator Agreement - Uppsala Innovation Centre (Section IV B)
ESA BIC Draft Incubator Agreement - Innovatum (Section IV C)
Here are some important ESA pages for searching and locating for IPR and Technology

ESA IP for Commercialisations
ESA Technology Exchange
ESA Technology Transfer Programme