Innovatum is situated within Region West, one of the largest regions in Sweden representing 17 % of the population and 75% of Sweden’s space production industry base. Two of the three largest space industries in Sweden are located in West Region and approximately 700 people are working with space-related products in over 30 companies.

The vision for Innovatum is to become an internationally acknowledged development centre in sustainable transport, sustainable production, renewable energies, green bio-‐based industry growth and the creative industries. At the same time, create new business opportunities for industry in the region, jump-‐start new companies, and stimulate an appetite for technology in people of all ages.

Representatives from academy, industry and the public sector sit on the board of directors for Innovatum today. This triple helix model for the organization provides a strong foundation to be able to provide assistance to

• Organizations seeking to commercialize; establish networks and further develop their business activities

• Enterprise support companies to profile their service offering to the innovation community

• Local and international investors interested in western Sweden’s innovations.

Innovatum aims to:

• Provide infrastructure and services to support emerging innovative enterprises

• Bridge the gap between the development and commercialization of ideas into viable and sustainable enterprises and products

• Assist existing businesses to identify commercialization opportunities.

Two focus areas at Innovatum have associated arenas or “centres” to provide support and services to the regions industry, academy and SMEs in various technical development projects. These include the Production Technology Centre (PTC) and a centre for the creative industries ACT (All Creators Together). Each centre receives financing in part by the regional and municipal governments, the local University West, industry partners and member SME’s. Green Tech Park is a partner development centre in Skara providing services to Sweden’s foremost university for agricultural and forestry research SLU.


Location Trollhättan

Innovatum Science and Technology Park: Innovatum estate is located 1 km south of Trollhättan city center. Approximately 150 companies ranging from technology and research companies to centers of learning and business advisory services are located at Innovatum and employ more than 1500 people. Innovatum Business Incubator: Offering fully equipped offices together with business advisory services and an extensive contact network, approx. 20 companies in various stages of growth and development are enrolled in the incubators program annually. Since its inception in 2002, the incubator alumni numbers more than 100 companies. Office spaces at the incubator are furnished and include access to photocopiers and fax, IT infrastructure and networks and services as well as full access to modern equipped meeting and conference rooms.

Innovatum Production Technology Center (PTC): Each year PTC is home to more than 50 multidisciplinary exchanges between industry and academia through unique collaborations and exciting development and research projects. With 12 industry partners and 30 SME stakeholders, the center offers a world class equipment park and methods for cooperation which are open to all small and large businesses, organizations and individuals interested in development of production technologies.