The Code Company

The Fallen Trees project makes satellite-based forest inventory management easy and affordable to an array of target groups. By also serving as a navigation guide and a damage administration system, it offers an efficient, cost-effective alternative to traditional monitoring methods involving helicopters and light aircraft.

Additional info about the service and winning ESA App Challenge, may be found here. 


Sally R

Sally R is a Swedish startup bringing down space technology to earth to save energy in buildings and guarantee a healthy indoor air climate. The company has a patent pending solution that uses a smart algorithm to merge the climate control system used in space with standard ventilation solutions used on earth. Read more here and follow us at Twitter here.


Unibap AB

Unibap AB provides mission critical visual perception for autonomous systems, robots, spacecraft, industrial robotics, and automated quality assurance. The products are unique in combining sensor close data extraction, data mining, indexing, and cloud computing features through heterogenous processing with optional artificial intelligence.



WideFind is enabling the concept of “Localise Everything Everywhere" by introducing a technologically advanced 3D localization system of profound accuracy and performance based on WideFind enabled hardware and software. The goal of WideFind is to be the main provider of indoor and outdoor localization by establishing this advanced technology as a standard service that should be embedded to the infrastructure at cities, factories, hospitals, supermarkets, mines, sport events and all the relevant markets that need fast and accurate localization, indoors and outdoors.


Featherway Robotics

Featherway Robotics AB aims to revolutionize the field of automation by introducing the world’s first plug and play robot arm that is smart, simple and safe enough to be managed by factory staff. Equipped with groundbreaking sensor technology and space heritage artificial intelligence the robot implements compact, lightweight and automomous precision systems. This enables a wide range of exciting opportunities both inside and outside of the robotic cell.


Geografiska Informationsbyrån

eoMapper uses satellite imagery and smart data analysis so that farmers, landowners and land managers can easily get an overview over their land. The correct actions can be put in the right place at the right time. Forestry can go directly to the insect damaged stocks, timber buyers can identify the woodland that is mature for harvesting and farmers can fertilize where it is most beneficial. eoMapper create value and improve profitability with detailed decision support.

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APR Technologies

APR Technologies is a Swedish high-tech company developing and offering products, services and custom- solutions for Thermal management and monitoring. Headquarter is located in the town of Enköping, 1 hour from Arlanda airport and Stockholm.

The facilities in Enköping hold cleanrooms, chemistry lab, electronics lab, laser lab, micro welding lab, mechanical workshop and office space, for advanced product development, advanced integration plus testing.

Offered products are either passive or active and we have several ”no-moving-parts” -solutions, for longer lifetime, low power consumption and minimum vibrations.


Schvung Ride

Equilab is a smart exercise tracker for passionate riders that enables them to track their horse movements through an app on their smartphone. By measuring their exercises they get important insights about their training that helps them lower the risk of injury for their horse and makes it possible for them to reach their full potential. Soon a sensor will enable riders to track their riding during competitions as well which will help them score even higher points when competing.