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The Fallen Trees project makes satellite-based forest inventory management easy and affordable to an array of target groups. By also serving as a navigation guide and a damage administration system, it offers an efficient, cost-effective alternative to traditional monitoring methods involving helicopters and light aircraft.

Additional info about the service and winning ESA App Challenge, may be found here. 


Sally R


Sally R is a Swedish cleantech company that uses space technology to guarantee a healthy indoor air climate and at

the same time save energy in buildings. This is achieved by combining ventilation solution used on earth with technology

used for climate control in space on the International Space Station. The system is controlled by an optimizing algorithm

that guarantees optimal air quality at the lowest possible energy consumption.

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Unibap AB


Unibap AB provides mission critical SpaceCloud intelligent data mining solutions and visual perception for autonomous

systems. SpaceCloud offer advanced information extraction for space based constellations for Earth Observation, Space

Situational Awareness, Radar, and other commercial and scientific applications.

Unibap’s reliable intelligent vision systems (IVS) provides autonomy to industry 4.0 applications in Logistics (e.g.

Depalletizing, and palletizing, loading- and unloading of machines), industrial automation (e.g. Manipulation,

assembly), Agriculture and Service robotics (e.g. Health analysis of plants, weed identification and removal,

forecasting of harvest, navigation, assisting).




WideFind is enabling the concept of “Localise Everything Everywhere” by introducing a technologically advanced 3D

localization system with great accuracy and performance based on WideFind’s proprietary hardware and software.


Featherway Robotics

Featherway Robotics AB aims to revolutionize the field of automation by introducing the world’s first plug and play robot arm that is smart, simple and safe enough to be managed by factory staff. Equipped with groundbreaking sensor technology and space heritage artificial intelligence the robot implements compact, lightweight and automomous precision systems. This enables a wide range of exciting opportunities both inside and outside of the robotic cell.


ESA BIC Sweden Alumni

Geografiska Informationsbyrån

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eoMapper uses satellite imagery and smart data analysis so that farmers, landowners and land managers can easily get

an overview over their land. The correct actions can be put in the right place at the right time. Forestry can go directly

to the insect damaged stocks, timber buyers can identify the woodland that is mature for harvesting and farmers can

fertilize where it is most beneficial. eoMapper create value and improve profitability with detailed decision support. Try

out eoMapper and read more about it at our blog.

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APR Technologies


APR Technologies is a global supplier of leading edge products for thermal management on spacecrafts, airplanes

and automotive systems. The company was founded in 2011. The headquarters is located in the town of Enköping,

Sweden, one hour drive from Arlanda airport and the Swedish capital Stockholm. APR Technologies United States

partner is located in Seattle, Washington.

The facilities in Enköping hold cleanrooms, chemistry lab, electronics lab, laser lab, micro welding lab, mechanical

workshop and office space, for advanced product development, advanced integration plus testing.

Offered products are either passive or active and we have several ”no-moving-parts”-solutions, for longer lifetime, low

power consumption and minimum vibrations.

Breaking NEWS!

April 06,2018 APR Technologies has secured a contract with NASA, to deliver technology for an instrument that is going to the International Space Station in 2019/2020. The order is an important reference and milestone as it is our first US order going through our US office in Seattle. For more information, please contact CEO Peter Nilsson +46 707-234281 /

Previous News from APR Technologies: January 10, 2018 APR Technologies has secured their second contract with Airbus Defense and Space, to deliver advanced thermal management systems to the telecom satellites of the new “Eurostars Neo” platform. The order marks an important step in APR’s transition from a developing company to a commercial manufacturer. The order has MSEK 28 total budget, and deliveries will start late 2018. For more information, please contact CEO Peter Nilsson +46 707-234281/

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Schvung Ride


We enable equestrians to track their progress, connect to their team and organise their riding. After each training

they get insights linked to their their gait distribution, stride, beat, turns and even if they have not performed the training

by themselves they get instant access to the information.

Equilab helps equestrians take control over their training and adapt it to reach new heights! Soon a sensor will enable

riders to track their riding during competitions as well which will help them score even higher points when competing.




Gemometrics is a startup that have developed a new technique for identifying minerals, and is aimed primarily against the mining and exploration industry. The equipment can be complemented with satellite receiver and TPS equipment which allows a precise positioning, the technology can also be used to locate and measure the geostructural hazardous areas in mines and quarries and thereby improving the safety of both personnel and machinery.


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NCI Sports Tracker


New Century Information AB (NCI) have developed an innovative and highly accurate platform in the area of "High Precision Outdoor Tracking". The platform is mobile and can be used for a variety of specialized or customized applications in all outdoor environments, sports or industry that requires detailed and advanced positioning data in real time. The focus is real-time positioning of moving objects in live television production, graphical integration and analysis of collected data. 

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Sol-ionics AB is an innovative company that provides tribo-chemical solutions for a wide range of lubrication systems. Their patented technology (in Sweden, U.S.A., Japan, China, Russia), building on recent innovations, uses unique properties of ionic liquids to enhance lubrication. The technology is designed for a wide range of tribo-materials and improves energy efficiency and enhances conservation of natural resources. Sol-ionics AB delivers a broad range of novel halogen-free and hydrolytically stable ionic liquids for lubrication and other applications. Their ionic liquids are based on halogen-free anions that are environmentally benign and provide high performance.

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CyStellar is a big-data analytics and decision support company. Through its cloud-based data fusion platform, CyStellar improves data driven decision making and predictive analytics for the precision agriculture, logistics and insurance sector. CyStellar’s cloud-based solutions integrate geo-referenced information from a variety of sources including satellite imagery, drone-based surveillance, weather forecasts, ground-based IoT sensors, and other

social, societal, political, and economic information in order to provide actionable intelligence for data intensive organizations to maintain their competitive advantage. On top of its platform, and by exploiting the power of machine learning, big data and predictive analytics, CyStellar layers several domain specific decision support tools and provides the following dedicated solutions:

  • AgTech software solutions for precision agriculture, crop management, variable-rate irrigation and fertilization, and pest management.
  • FoodTech solutions for food safety and traceability using blockchain, remote sensing and IoT technology.
  • InsurTech solutions for insurance risk assessment and modeling, fraud detection, damage assessment, claim adjustment and claim payouts.



For any rescue operation, fast and reliable response can mean the different between life and death. An overview to pinpoint fires, find persons in distress or a medical equipment delivery can be solved by using fast and costefficient drones. Fire departments, rescue organizations, hospitals can all benefit from this technology. Flypulse has developed a scalable drone platform that easily can be adopted for all of these usecases and more.

Once getting a trigger from an operator, the drone flies automatically to the selected location and transmits live video and/or lands to deliver suitable equipment. The system use satellite navigation and accurate maps of the earth along with topography information to create the optimal flight path.



As electronic components are getting smaller, the need to verify “killer particles” in the manufacturing process is growing.
With help of monodisperse polystyrene nanospheres made in micro gravity Nanosized can provide an absolute contamination standard and calibrate equipment in clean environments. This will help increasing the yield in the manufacturing processes.




Vultus is enabling waste free farming through space technology. We are using satellite data and prescriptive analytics to give farmers, around the world, actionable recommendations about the varying conditions within their fields and nutrient needs of their specific crops. Our main product - nitrogen recommendations, can reduce fertilizer usage by up to 40%. This, in turn, improves crop health and soil quality as well as reduces environmental cost of farming.

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Fourth State Systems


Fourth State Systems is developing new technology for transcutaneous blood gas monitoring, i.e., measurements of the carbon dioxide and oxygen levels in blood and tissue through the skin. Such analysis is important in many branches of medicine, and vital for modern neonatal care. Still, current systems suffer from considerable technological problems, and can even cause pain and injury to the patients. They will solve these issues by using technology that they initially developed for planetary exploration, more precisely to look for life on Mars. By doing so, they will not only improve the quality of modern neonatal care, but also be able to offer the method to other groups of patients to whom it is currently unavailable.

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