The first Space Incubator in Scandinavia will be launched under the brand "ESA BIC Sweden" this year. It’s a pioneering effort to support new companies (start-ups) utilizing space technologies to solve problems on Earth, as well as start-ups working with innovative solutions to meet challenges in Space.

An Inauguration of the Nordics first space incubator "ESA BIC Sweden" will take place on the 18th of December at 12:45 (12:45 p.m.) at Stockholm’s historical Observatory in the Capital city.

Currently, there are eleven ESA BIC:s (European Space Agency - Business Incubation Centers)  in the ESA Member States and ESA BIC Sweden will be number twelve.

The initiative for the Swedish Space Incubator originated from the Swedish National Space Board and the European Space Agency. This initiative led to the formation and establishment of the ESA BIC Sweden consortium, consisting of three successful Swedish incubators operating within the Swedish Space regions, now with the common mission to create and operate the ESA BIC Sweden.

The Primary contract holder is the Arctic Business Incubator in Luleå who will together with Uppsala Innovation Centre, Innovatum in Trollhättan and partners offer incubation support for an initial five-year period to 40 new startups that are developing or using space technology for commercial markets.

These 40 new startups will also receive cash-incentives, funded by ESA and Almi Företagspartner in the regions, to be used for development of prototypes, products or services and managing and/or protecting intellectual property.

At the opening ceremony, several VIP guests will participate, as ESA's General Director Mr Jan Wörner and ESA Director of Technical and Quality Management and Head of ESTEC Establishment Mr Franco Ongaro, also the Swedish Minister for Higher Education and Research Ms Helene Hellmark-Knutsson responsible for space will participate as well as the Swedish National Space Board Chairman Mr Peter Egardt and its Director General Mr Olle Norberg. Many other prominent guests have been invited to attend.


12:45 Drop-in with drinks and snacks

13:30 Welcoming of the guests by conferencier Karin Nilsdotter; CEO Spaceport Sweden.

13:35 Speeches by:

Minister for Higher Education and Research Helene Hellmark-Knutsson

ESA Director General Jan Wörner

ESA Director of TEC and Head of ESTEC Franco Ongaro

Swedish National Space Board Director General Olle Norberg

14:30 Formal signing of the contract between ESA and the ESA BIC Sweden

14:45 Presentation of ESA BIC Sweden and the plans for the forthcoming year by Jens Lundström ESA BIC Sweden Manager

15:10 Summary by Peter Egardt Chairman of Swedish National Space Board

15:15 After mingling with coffee and refreshments